basic usage

success alert

danger alert

informational alert

alert with a custom aria-label on the close button

Non-dismissible alert

alert invoked via a button

StatusAlert Props API
  • alertType string

    specifies the type of alert that is being diplayed. It defaults to "warning". See the other available bootstrap options.

  • className string

    is a string array that defines the classes to be used within the status alert.

  • dialog string | element Required
  • dismissible bool

    specifies if the status alert will include the dismissible X button to close the alert. It defaults to true.

  • closeButtonAriaLabel string
  • onClose isRequiredIf(PropTypes.func, props => props.dismissible)

    is a function that is called on close. It can be used to perform actions upon closing of the status alert, such as restoring focus to the previous logical focusable element. It is only required if dismissible is set to true and not required if the alert is not dismissible.

  • open bool

    specifies whether the status alert renders open or closed on the initial render. It defaults to false.